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Does your child avoid doing school work?  
Do you both feel frustrated with the learning process?
It does not have to be this way.

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The Therapeutic Classroom offers services at competitive rates. We provide personalised learning support that is specially designed to identify your child’s strengths and meet their learning needs to put them on a path to achievement. 

Services available at The Therapeutic Classroom

Specialist Dyslexia Support 

There are a range of differences in learners under the umbrella of dyslexia. Support is through structured, sequential and multi-sensory teaching, specifically personalised to meet individual needs. Teaching is at a pace that matches these needs to enable greater chance of achievement.

Development of Reading, Writing and Spelling Skills

Reading, writing and spelling are complex skills with many components and sub-skills. Support is based on leading research on the development of reading, writing and spelling skills, and each learners needs.

Emotional Support

Many children struggle with feelings about having dyslexia or reading/spelling/writing difficulties. At The Therapeutic Classroom we give children the space to voice their feelings about their learning difference.  Being able to articulate what they feel helps them to manage any anxiety about new learning situations. 

Development of Self Confidence

Dyslexia or literacy difficulties can impact self-confidence. At The Therapeutic Classroom we support  each child to identify their strengths and unique abilities to help build self- confidence.

Help with Organisational Skills

Without the right systems in place talent can get lost. Support to develop strategies that work best for you to be an independent learner.


Redefining Success 

Not being able to read, write or spell efficiently is not a measure of a child’s or young person’s intelligence.


Pat gave me the confidence to trust my instincts and follow through to get the assessment and support that we needed for our daughter. Finally having a name for her condition and getting the appropriate literacy support has not
only lifted a weight off our shoulders, it has also enabled our daughter to
positively embrace her twice exceptional identity - gifted & talented with a learning difference
Parent - Primary School-Aged Child

The Therapeutic Classroom

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